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Music Exchange

The Scenario…Have you ever used third party owned songs for your parkour videos on YouTube? Has this resulted in you losing the ability to monetise the video? Or even worse, have the audio muted, blocked in certain territories or on devices like mobile playback? Rillahops experienced just that in the following video. Flow explains the situation below so you can learn from it and we even offer the solution to one of the biggest issues facing the Flow network:


  • Track: Beast by Nico Vega
  • Video: Falling Is Living
  • Views: 1,8M+
  • Channel: Rilla Hops

SME (Sony Music Entertainment) own the track “Beast – Nico Vega” in the US and Canada. Their policy for this track on YouTube is to “Track” rather than monetize or block. All other claims on the video are then bypassed resulting in no ads being shown on the video.

YouTube policy is to always choose the most conservative claim. In this case the “Track” policy from SME is more conservative than the monetize claim from Rilla Hops.

Most of the time, music labels block viewing on mobile device (typically ~40% of a video’s view count) but in this case they allowed viewing available on all devices.

Every label and even every track has specific policies depending on the strategy at that time. It is impossible to work out if this will happen to a video in the future…

Don’t get caught out…introducing Epidemic Sounds, a rights cleared music library service which is made free exclusively for Flow partners.

Epidemic Sounds

Flow’s partnership with Epidemic Sound allows you access to their extensive library of free rights cleared music which you can use in your videos uploaded to your channel. Flow are covering the cost of using this service so there is no cost to you. As valued creators and part of the Flow Kommunity, we want to help provide you with the tools and services to make YouTube easy.

To gain access to this library, please fill out your information below…

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