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Beginning in early 2012, Flow has risen to prominence in the world of Parkour & Freerunning, becoming the largest online community of its kind. Encompassing content, talent & producers from the world of movement, Flow is the number one destination for incredible feats of strength, agility and elegance.

When Flow started, the mission was to provide a central channel from which the community could interact with, combine to produce content for and rely on for the latest news & event coverage. With Tim Shieff & Sam Parham acting as ambassadors for the project, Flow has grown far beyond its initial projections, entering the realm of branding opportunities, off-YouTube syndication and soon-to-be revealed merchandise. It is now far bigger than the YouTube-exclusive entity it once began as.

As Flow grows, so does the community. The channel growth is reflected directly across to network partners. Some of the biggest names in Parkour are represented, including the likes of: 3Run, Team Farang, Storm Freerun, Jesse La Flair and Storror. Oh, and who could forget Damien Walters?

Currently, the Flow network combines a total of over 3 million subscribers across its partnered channels, making it the definitive Parkour community.

K For Kommunity

The term ‘Parkour’ stemmed from the original French term “parcours“, a phrase passed down from Raymond Belle to son David Belle, co-founder of Parkour in the late 80’s. David was advised to change the ‘c’ of ‘parcours’ to a ‘k’ in order to make it stronger and more dynamic. This gave birth to the term ‘Parkour’, an idea humbly incorporated in to Flow: The Parkour Kommunity.

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